Finishing ceremony

1986 Olympus Rally Revisited: Finish ceremony

The rally finished in the Washington State Capitol Building parking lot in Olympia Washington on Sunday night.  This was the last WRC rally to feature the Group B cars.  The FIA banned them after the Corsica tragedy and 1987 would be run with Group A cars.

These photos were taken by my good friend Denton  Morris.  He has graciously scanned his photos and is allowing me to post them here. Denton is a professional photographer and you can see his recent work at his website  The photos below are Denton’s property and he holds all the rights to them, so please don’t fold, spindle or mutilate the photos without contacting him directly, or contact me and I will put you in touch, if you wish to reuse them.

The cars crossed the finishing ramp in reverse order.

Rod Millen won Group A in his Mazda 323 GTX.


John Buffum scored a fine 3rd place in his short wheelbase Quattro.  This was John’s highest finish in a World Championship rally as well as the highest finish for an American still to this day.  With this finish, John gained A seeding for the next year.



Kankunnen was second, which also earned him second in the Driver’s championship for 1986, at least for now…


By winning the rally, Markku Alen became the World Driving Champion for 1986…


The crowd control guys crack me up, if they should have been so lucky, there wasn’t much of a crowd to control.



A couple of weeks later the FIA met in Paris and threw out the results of the San Remo rally.  This caused Markku to lose his points for the controversial event where Peugeot was excluded and Markku and Lancia won.  As a result of the San Remo points begin discarded, Markku then lost the World Driver’s Championship to Juha Kankkunen.  Ironically, they would become team mates at Lancia in 1987.  Markku would never win the WDC.