All of the photos on this blog were taken by me on 35mm film using an Olympus OM-2S.  I took them for my own enjoyment and they have spent most of their time in dusty photo albums.  After 30 or so years I’ve decided to share them on this blog.  You are free to copy them for your personal use, however, please don’t crop out the copywrite watermark.  Also, if you repost them to another blog, forum or social media site please leave the watermark and give attribution.  If you wish to use them for a commercial purpose please contact me via gianni <dot> burrows <at> live <dot> com. This is only for photos taken by me. Photos taken by others, who have graciously shared them with me hold all the rights and you should contact them directly for any use. Please don’t be like the b@st@ard who reposted them from an internal share at a software company I worked at to a public internet forum without my permission or any attribution.  If I ever find out who you are…

John P. “Gianni” Burrows

January 30, 2014



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