Olympus Rally 2015

VNWM visited the Olympus Rally this weekend.  It’s my first rally since the 1989 Pacific Forest SCCA PRO Rally.  I have some video of that rally on VHS that I shot with my brothers huge VHS Camera that I need to transfer and post to the blog, but that’s another project for another day.

Spectating has changed since the 1980’s.  You are pretty much stuck in the caution tape corral that the marshals patrol with an iron fist.  We used to walk up the stage before the first car and get a good place for photos without a bunch of other spectators in the shot, but no more.  We sat on a stump about 5 feet from where the caution tape ended and were told that we’d have to move.  Some others went cross country across the clear cut to a better spot and were chased away by 3 marshals.  Also, you couldn’t walk on the road between cars.  We used to switch spots all the time during the stage to get a variety of positions.  I guess that is the risk-averse, lawyer infested society we live in, in 2015 vs. 1986…

I didn’t bother to bring my camera.  I did shoot a couple of crappy iPhone videos, mainly of the backs of other spectators heads.


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