1986 Olympus Rally Revisited: Raymond Stages Part 4

Sunday dawned grey and foggy, but dry.  I read later that the fog caused Alen to slow a bit, but his lead was never threatened.  The stage below was a neat stage, with the spectator area in a clear cut.  We hiked in a bit and had the area all to ourselves.  We got some neat shots by standing on some of the stumps.

Once again, these photos were taken by my good friend Denton  Morris.  He has graciously scanned his photos and is allowing me to post them here. Denton is a professional photographer and you can see his recent work at his website  www.dentonmorris.com.  The photos below are Denton’s property and he holds all the rights to them, so please don’t fold, spindle or mutilate the photos without contacting him directly, or contact me and I will put you in touch, if you wish to reuse them.

Markku Alen was first through the stage.





Next was the 205 of Kankkunen.



JB was next in the Sport Quattro.  He was quite a ways behind the leading two works cars.




Lars-Erik Torph’s TTE Toyota Celica Turbo.



The Alessandrini’s were still in the rally with their private Delta S4.


Rod Millen in the Group A 323.




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