1986 Olympus Rally Revisited: Raymond stages part 3

Here’s another Raymond area stage.  This one took place on the Saturday, just as it was getting dark.  Probably about 4pm at that time of year.  The week before there had been heavy rains in the area causing some erosion.  You can see evidence of that on this stage, the road where we were at was barely wide enough for the cars to pass.

Again, these photos were taken by my good friend Denton  Morris.  He has graciously scanned his photos and is allowing me to post them here. Denton is a professional photographer and you can see his recent work at his website  www.dentonmorris.com.  The photos below are Denton’s property and he holds all the rights to them, so please don’t fold, spindle or mutilate the photos without contacting him directly, or contact me and I will put you in touch, if you wish to reuse them.

Markku Alen was first through.


Next was Kankkunen in the Pug.


John Buffum was next in the Quattro.  I like how you can see the sky in the background of the second shot.



One of the Group B Toyotas.


The Alessandrini’s Delta S4.


Rod Millen’s Group A Mazda.  That is me in the background, trying not to get a rock through the lens of my camera.


A Group N Toyota entered by a Canadian team.











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