1986 Olympus Rally Revisited: Brooklyn stages part 1

After the crappy, pouring down rain of Friday, Saturday dawned clear and cold and a bit icy.  We spent the night at my parents vacation house near Shelton, WA and got up early and headed for the stages held near Raymond, WA.

Again, these photos were taken by my good friend Denton  Morris.  He has graciously scanned his photos and is allowing me to post them here. Denton is a professional photographer and you can see his recent work at his website  www.dentonmorris.com.  The photos below are Denton’s property and he holds all the rights to them, so please don’t fold, spindle or mutilate the photos without contacting him directly, or contact me and I will put you in touch, if you wish to reuse them.

Alen was now leading and had been re-seeded to be first on the road.


Kankunnen was next in the 205.


Here’s a series of John Buffum.

Image54 Image55 Image56

The Alessandrini Brothers privately entered Delta S4.


Rod Millen’s Group A Mazda.  Notice the remote camera in the lower left of the shot.  I always wondered who those guys were and I would love to see the pictures they got.


One of the Light Performance Works Golf GTI’s.


The Toyota of the Japanese team of Kunimasa and Nori.






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