1986 Nor’wester Pro Rally

In 1986 the Olympus gained World Rally Championship status and would be held in early December.  The Rallyweek Northwest organizers decided not to do a Rallyweek Northwest in April, but instead just ran the Nor’wester SCCA National Pro Rally in May as a shakedown for the Olympus.  As usual, the rally was based in Tumwater, WA and used the familiar stages in the nearby Capitol Forest.  However, there were no city street stages as in rallies past.

For some reason, I didn’t take many pictures at the rally, and the ones I did were not my best work.  Don’t remember my excuse, maybe I was experimenting with new film or something…

Doug Shepherd was running his Dodge Shelby in GT class.


New Zealander Clive Smith was  running a Toyota in Group A.


Group A Audi entered by Carter/Kingsley.  They DNF’d later.


Dodge Shelby GLH of Landau/Landau running in the Production class.


Guy Light had switched from his Oldsmobile Omega to a Golf GTI that he was running in Group A


Another Dodge Omni GLH driven by the team of Crawford & Andreini.


The Wantanabe brothers in their Group A Toyota.


Shepherd and Reese at night.


Another Dodge running in the GT class.


The Gooches in their GT class Dodge.


Local crew of Grant Whiting and Ray Damitio in their Mazda RX-3.  They were sponsored by Walt’s Radiator of Olympia.  I always liked the color scheme of this car.


Local Gene McCullough in a Datsun 510.


John Buffum’s stepson Paul Choiniere was running an Audi 80 in Production.


Another Datsun. I can’t seem to find any information on the crew.


Jon Woodner had finally gotten his Peugeot 205 T-16.  The car started as a street 205 built for Group B homologation.   Jon had it modified in the UK since the French wouldn’t sell him an ex-works car.  Here it is at night service probably in Shelton, WA.  After being housed in a collection by Jon’s widow for many years, the car was sold and is now in England and has been fitted with an Evolution 2 body kit and is active on the historic Group B rally circuit.


John Buffum received the short wheelbase Sport Quattro that Michelle Mouton used on the 1985 Pikes Peak Hillclimb in order to compete with Rod Millen’s 4WD RX-7.  The Sport Quattro was fast and evidently hard to photograph at night…



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