1986 Olympus Rally Part 3: Capitol Forest Stages

On Friday the competitors headed out to the Capitol Forest just outside of Olympia after the overnight rest halt.  I had a final in the morning so I didn’t get down there until after lunch.  I missed the ORV Park stage with the famous water splash.  You can find some footage on FaceTube of it.  The day started out pretty rainy, but dried out as it progressed.

First through were the leaders Kankunnen and Alen in their private battle for the Driver’s title.



Lars Erik Torph’s TTE Celica Turbo.


The event hadn’t been re-seeded, so Buffum was 5th on the road, but running in 3rd.


Rod Millen was soldering on in his Group A Mazda.


Here’s the Alessandrini’s hitting the bank.  A chunk of the air dam was broken off and some spectator took it home as a souvenir.   I wonder if they still have it…


Steve Millen’s TTE entered Celica.  Wonder if he liked driving this better than his regular stadium truck.


Here’s an “arty shot” of the 205 at a later stage.


Markku in a nice drift.



One of the Toyotas.  I moved across the road from the last shot’s location after being drilled in the back by a rock from the Delta S4 after I took the last shot.


JB and the Sport Quattro, Ex-Mouton Pikes Peak.



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