1986 Olympus Rally Part 2: Special Stage 1

After the start at the Tacoma Dome, the competitors headed out to special stage 1:  Salishan.  It was a night time, tarmac stage held on some abandoned roads in the Salishan area of Tacoma.  To us it was a revelation.   We could not believe the speed of the Peugeot and Lancia at the hands of real WRC drivers.  We had been going to national SCCA Pro Rallies since the early 80’s, but the level of car and driver was on another plane.  These were taken with my Olympus OM-2s with a crappy flash.  Don’t worry, the daytime photos get better from here…

Kankunnen in the 205.


Alen in the Delta S4.  I remember it had a really cool sound due to the turbo AND supercharger it ran.  In all of the video footage of it I’ve watched, its never been able to really capture the unique sound of the dual stage induction.


The Group B Celica of Waldegaard.


JB and his Sport Quattro.  The 5 cylinder Audi has to be my favorite sounding rally car.


Jon Woodner in his customer 205T-16.  It was one of the road cars built to homologate for Group B.  He had it converted to rally spec in the UK as the factory would not sell him an ex-works car.  It was the only time we’d see the car in the rally.  He retired on the next stage when he crashed hard.  I’ve read stories from local drivers that came up on the crash site and thought it was two cars involved in the off.


Millen and his Group A Mazda 323 GTX.


The Alessandrinini brothers and their customer Delta S4.


I forget who this was, I took it because it was a FIAT that we never saw in the states, FIAT having abandoned the US in 1981.



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